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Our Purpose

Ariel Ministries exists in order to evangelize Jewish people and to disciple Jewish and Gentile believers through intensive Bible teaching from a Jewish perspective.

What Can You Do?

  • Share the love of Messiah with a Jewish friend or neighbor.
  • Study the scriptures from a Jewish perspective so that you will be able to present Messiah in a Jewish context.
  • Pray for the work of Ariel Ministries and for the salvation of the Jewish people.
  • Share the Jewish perspective of Scripture with other believing friends.
  • Encourage your pastor or congregational leader to hold a Bible conference.
  • Undergird the work of Ariel by partnering with us financially.
  • We are here to serve you, pray for you, and work with you. Thank you for committing to the vision of Ariel Ministries.

Ariel USA

Praise Reports

Amanda has completed her two-year commitment as Mary Ann’s caretaker and has even stayed an extra two months to help in finding her replacement. Sadly, at the end of February, we had to say our final good byes.

The Lord has provided a new caretaker,
Shoshanah, who will begin on March 1st.

For very successful short weekend teachings
within the USA with some very surprising income for Ariel Ministries. It has also opened some doors for the ministry.

Prayer Requests

For Mary Ann: Her health has improved somewhat but not as well as we had hoped. She now requires extra help, and so we have needed to add extra care from groups such as Visiting Angels,
which includes additional expenses.

Please pray for Shoshanah’s safe arrival and settlement as she begins her role as Mary Ann’s caregiver.

Our Ariel Australia branch has organized an extensive teaching tour in the Land of Oz, and so please pray for many to attend the sessions and be enthused about what the Scriptures teach concerning God’s plan for Israel.

Continue praying that I will be enabled to finish the Ariel Commentary on the Book of Acts. My goal is to complete it by the end of the year, if not earlier.

Ariel Ministries Home Office San Antonio, Texas

Praise Reports

We give praise to the Lord for bringing Wayne Wideman to the home office as our office manager. Please continue to lift Wayne up for strength and wisdom as he grows in his new position.

Prayer Requests

Pray that we have wisdom in finding ways to reach a broader audience using social and digital media.
◦ For a seminar featuring Jeff Gutterman at the San Antonio home office in April. Pray for good attendance and good response to the teaching.

Wisdom and guidance for making the best use of the finances and resources that God provides through our donors and customers.

Continued prayer that we as the home office will be able to meet the needs of everyone we come into contact with—either by phone, email, or in person. Pray that God may provide opportunities to minister
to them.

Please pray for health, safety, and God’s spiritual protection for the home office staff.

Praise Reports

God has been very good to the publications department of Ariel Ministries! Arnold’s newest book on the feasts and fasts of Israel has been sent to the printer and will be released in April. A dear friend of the ministry, the fabulous Messianic Jewish artist Shirley from Israel, provided some artwork for the book as did another good friend of the ministry, Debra R. What a blessing these sisters are to us!

We were also able to complete our work on the abridged version of Israelology. The book is now in the hands of the proofreaders. As I wrote to Arnold the other day, the world has been waiting for this book. What was meant as a little bit of humor to brighten his day has a more serious side to it as well. We have indeed been asked for years to produce this
book and are praising the Lord that we were finally able to fulfill this request. May the book bless our brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the production of the audio version of Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective. Pray that the narrator won’t lose his voice while recording this awesome book! Also pray for our “proof-listeners” who need to make sure that everything was read properly. Ariel USA and Ariel New Zealand collaborate on this project. Please pray for the team.

Please continue to pray for Arnold as he is working on the first draft of the commentary on Acts.

Please pray for the team of proofreaders who are now working their way through the abridged version of Israelology. Please also pray for the brother who offered to develop illustrations that help the reader to better grasp the dispensations and the covenants of the Bible.

Please pray for me as I am finishing up my work on one of the sequels to Arnold’s biography as well as a new edition of Footsteps. Once I am done with that important work, I’ll get to dive into editing and publishing the fourth volume of the Come and See series while helping Ariel Germany with two of their publications.

Please continue to pray for Becky who is producing our eBooks.

Pray for our work on the magazine; and while you are at it, please pray for our team of graphic designers. They are doing great work on our magazine.

As always, please continue to pray for our copyeditors, the many proofreaders, and the translators around the world.

Ariel Canada – Jacques & SharonGabizon

Praise Reports

Proof reading for the abridged version of Yeshua into French has begun. We are excited for the completion of it. We have another manuscript being translated by our brother Philippe M. He is doing Romans 9-11.

We are planning to catalogue the manuscripts into subgroups and make them available as a package in digital format. This will probably be done through our German publishing team (Ariel Germany).

We are grateful for Jackie F.’s work increasing, especially in the province of Quebec.

Prayer Requests

Please keep us in prayer with our ongoing work in these areas:

1. Beth Ariel congregational work
2. Knock and Talk outreach
3. Radio and online teaching
4. Israel Trip in May 2019: Safety and a
blessing for all who are going
5. We have a French Israel trip planned for September 2019. Please pray that there would be enough interest to make it happen

Ariel Canada – Jackie Fierman

Praise Reports

Praise the Lord for His clear direction to return to
Hawaii in February and March. We have seen the
Lord provide opportunities to speak, housing, and
transportation on three islands. Thank you so much
for your prayer.

Praise God for meeting the needs of ladies as they
hear Ariel’s teaching. It is so exciting to see the
Lord at work in the lives of those He loves.

Praise God for a good visit with my California brother’s family before flying on to Hawaii. Although I was asked not to speak of my faith by my sister-in-law two years ago, this time she brought up the Rapture and the Ezekiel 38, 39 invasion of Israel, having heard about it from a believing friend!

Thanks to Jehovah Rapha, who continues to bring me back to full health. I am so grateful.

Prayer Requests

Please continue in prayer for the spring speaking. I have been invited to speak in the province of Quebec in April, Alberta in May, and should be in British Columbia in June. The needs are always the same when I fly: places to speak, hearts to hear from the Lord, plus my housing and ground transportation.

Please pray for my family reunion the first weekend in April (4-7) when my whole family is going to a wedding in St. Louis. We have not all been together for 29 years. I am the only believer. May the Lord prepare hearts and minds to turn to Him while there is still time. All my siblings are in their 70’s.

Please pray that I stay healthy as I travel in Hawaii until March 22. While traveling here last year, I caught the liver virus that kept me down for five months. Also for safety as I drive the roads.

Pray that the Lord would continue to bless those who are in contact with the ministry as I travel.

Ariel Canada – Michael & Hannah Gabizon

Prayer Requests

My contract with McMaster University will expire May 2019. Please pray with us for guidance in our next steps.

Please pray for wisdom as I continue to balance writing my dissertation and leading tutorials (over 90 students).

Please pray for Hannah’s continued ministry with Muslim women along with her business as a piano teacher.

Israel Near Natanya Sasha & Lyana G.

Praise Reports

For the answer to our two years of prayer! The Lord has provided financially just enough to finish the development and promotion of a new Ariel Ministry Israel website and to continue the work of the translation of the Come and See discipleship program into Hebrew and Russian.

For the brother who has given a big donation for this work to be done.

Prayer Requests

For the health and strength of our web designer, who is expecting a baby, to complete the new Ariel Ministry Israel website.

For the team of translators and proofreaders so that the work of translation will continue and will not be hindered by any menace.

For the Or HaSharon Messianic congregation. Two new babies were born, and three more are on the

As a congregation, for the growth in the knowledge and grace of the Lord.

For wisdom and discernment in our counseling ministry.

For Yonatan, who is studying at Moody.

For Ariel, who serves in the IDF and finds himself in life-threatening situations almost every night.

For Liel: for the increase in the development of her independence.

For caregivers who can assist Liel in the upcoming Camp Shoshanah summer program.

Ariel Australia

Praise Reports

We praise God for the growing number of young men and women who are so excited to learn sound biblical doctrine at our weekly classes.

For the many who have taken advantage of the Come and See series on the flash drives that we have provided.

For the support that we received from our Ariel New Zealand team who came and spent three days with us to plan the year ahead as we work on projects together.

Praise God for bringing the itinerary together for the DOWNUNDER TOUR 2019.

Praise God for providing men who are passionate about the work of this ministry and have joined me in the work here in Australia.

For the new opportunities that have opened to share the Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the DOWNUNDER TOUR 2019, as we cover seven states and territories. The tour is being promoted as “Australia’s most exciting Bible teaching tour this year” travelling around Australia.

Pray for health and strength equal to the task for Dr. Fruchtenbaum and me as we traverse the Great Southland covering every state and territory bar one.

For the churches and fellowship groups who have welcomed the opportunity to hear Dr.Fruchtenbaum.

For on-time arrivals and departures. as we move from place to place on a very tight schedule.

For the many who will be hearing the teaching of Dr. Fruchtenbaum for the first time.

Keep praying for continued boldness in the work of disciple making that God will
• Open a door for the Word
• Enable us to declare the mystery that is Messiah
• Enable us to speak with clarity
• Give us the words to speak on each occasion

Ariel New Zealand

Praise Reports

Praise God for all His provisions for Ariel New

For all those who are attending study groups over the country and learning God’s Word from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

For the Online School of Messianic Studies and all who enrolled. Please pray that more people will join.

For the love and encouragement from our families.

Praise God for the continued speaking opportunity
at a church in Rotorua. Praise God that the
people there are starting to appreciate God’s

Word increasingly as they learn it from a Jewish

Praise God for an exciting project that we are working on and the funds that has come in to do it.
(We will reveal more later.)

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

Wisdom, faithfulness, health, strength, and
humbleness for the Ariel New Zealand Board.

For the necessary funds to do the work of Ariel Ministries in New Zealand.

Please continue to pray for me as I have started my full-time role with Ariel New Zealand.

Ariel New Zealand is sending two New Zealanders to Camp Shoshanah on a scholarship. Please pray for the recipients as prepare for their trip.

As an ongoing request, please pray for the partnership with a Christian bookstore in
Warkworth, north of Auckland, to stock Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s material. Please pray for a long relationship with them and that the Lord will use this opportunity for more believers to study God’s Word from the proper perspective.

Please continue to pray as hundreds of Israeli backpackers are arriving for the summer. Please pray for the outreach programs to reach them with the gospel of their Messiah.

Please pray for all Ariel supporters all over the

But most of all, for the peace of Jerusalem.

Ariel Hungary

Prayer Requests

For our Messianic fellowship.

For our sister in our fellowship who regularly visits Holocaust survivors.

For the marriage and family problems in our fellowship.

For the salvation of the Jewish women (Holocaust survivors) attending our Bible study and fellowship.

For a Jewish couple we visited and told about how we found our Messiah.

For finances to continue the work in Hungary.

Jewish evangelism in Budapest.

Against anti-Semitism in Hungary.

For the salvation of our Jewish friends, with whom
we are reading the Hebrew Bible. Through them we
have many new connections to Jewish people.

For Ivan as he works full time, that he would have time and energy to prepare the Bible teachings and that his full-time job would not be needed for too long.

Ivan’s health.

Rita’s health, which is much better, and for Rita’s mom healing.

For our daughter Noemi, as she will apply to the music faculty in June.

Ariel USA

Praise Reports

A productive 2018.

The new visitors to our seminars.

The opportunities to teach God’s Word to those seeking God’s message.

Prayer Requests

Our one-year series on “The Life of the Messiah from a Jewish Perspective.”

Invitations to host seminars.

Successful seminars that we will host in the San Antonio Home Office.

The safety of Israel and continued success of the Messianic ministries that we support in Israel.

Ariel Ministries’ online courses.

Ariel India

Prayer Requests

In January and February, I had major health issues that even forced me to spend some time in the hospital. The lung infection I suffered from has permanently damaged my lungs. This has caused unexpected costs, such as the doctors’ bills and the hospital stay. The Lord provided a brother who lent us the money to pay off some of the bills. With this introduction, please pray for the following:

Please pray for my health.

Please pray that the funds be raised to cover the medical bills.

Please pray that the funds would be raised to purchase a car. With the lungs being as damaged as they are now, riding a motorbike to the remote locations where I lead Bible studies is neither healthy nor safe.
Please continue to pray for the Bible study groups I am leading. We praise the Lord that I was able to take up teaching again, once I felt a little better.

Please pray for our YouTube recordings.

Please pray for travelling mercies for our trips to Central Gujarat (every Tuesday and Sunday
evening) and other parts of Gujarat.

Please pray for my family.

Ariel Germany

Praise Reports

For a fantastic conference at the beginning of January where we were able to participate. People from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland attended, and we had a huge book and media table there.

For the contact we were able to make with a Holocaust survivor who is a Messianic believer now living in Britain, but born and raised in Duesseldorf.

For the progress we have been making on various literature translation projects.

Prayer Requests

Please pray with us for some evangelistic contacts
with Israelis through the internet.

Please pray for Arnold’s upcoming tour in Germany and bordering countries.

Please pray for a new multimedia designer. We urgently need to find somebody who can assist us in the growing work.

Ariel China

Praise Reports

We are grateful for your prayer, support, and the
following things:

That Chinese believers can access more and more translated manuscripts through our website (www.arielchinese.org).

For the opportunities God provided to share LOM in my school and some Chinese churches in Los Angeles and the nearby area. In the last three months, I was even able to teach and preach in a Chinese church in Santa Barbara.

For the illumination of the Holy Spirit in my studies of the LOM course. With the illumination and the help of the seminary education, I am able to study and teach the course more deeply and clearly.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for more manuscripts to be translated and uploaded to our branch website.

Please pray that more Chinese Christians reach our website and study through it.

For the translation of the abridged version of the Yeshua book series.

For the Lord to open the door for me to share and teach Ariel’s materials in Chinese churches both in the US and China.

For more mature believers with the same vision to join Ariel China.

For Chinese churches in North America. There are quite a number who love Israel, but they lack discernment. A month ago, I helped some pastors stop false Messianic teaching to enter their churches.

Please pray that we may raise the funds necessary to publish books in Asia. Our goal is to raise
$30,000. So far, the Lord has provided $2,180.

For believers in China who are experiencing the Communist Party’s persecution. Some of my dear pastor friends are in jail now. Praise the Lord that the church we have in my hometown is secure. Pray that it stays that way.

Gefen International Israeli Network

Praise Reports

For the many enthusiastic and meaningful comments we have received in this last period that have been sent from Israelis to the network and to the hosts expressing their appreciation for both. The love of the Lord being shown through His followers is really touching Israeli hearts.

For a very encouraging on-going southern hemisphere hosting season with multiple hundreds of visits just in the last couple of months.

For new hosts including another Israeli believer who has joined with us to reach out.

For further progress made re opportunities to present the outreach.

Gratitude and praise to the Lord for who He is and all He is doing.

Prayer Requests

For all those Israelis who have used the network in
recent months and those who have been very open to ask about our faith and to receive Hebrew Bibles and booklets. May they come to recognize and put their trust in the King of Kings.

For His daily protection of the network and of all
of the hosts and Israeli participants as we continue reaching out in this high hosting season.

For His blessing and provision for all the hosts – especially the new ones – and for each supporter of the outreach.

For His wisdom as we seek to follow the Lord regarding further development of the outreach.

For His provision for all that is needed for the operation of the international outreach to Israelis.

Ariel USA Camp Shoshanah

Praise Reports

We praise God for His protection for camp this winter. It has been very icy with not much snow.

We praise God for Anna-Marie who has come on board to help run the office.

We praise God for the John Deer Gator (side-by-side) that He has provided. We were able to acquire it for half price. It will be a big help around camp this summer.

We praise God for the many applications that we have received so far for the coming summer.

We praise God for His love and gift of salvation.

We praise God for what He has provided over the
last few years: truck sander, fiber optic lines for the
phone and internet, the John Deere Gator, the office
copier, and two new office computers. Prayer Requests

Please pray for camp finances, building projects, as well as the scholarship fund. We have many campers applying for assistance with tuition. The current funds are very low. Pray that God will provide the funds for those who need to be here this summer.

Pray that we have enough workers (hired and volunteer) for the whole summer.

Pray for Fred’s salvation.

Pray for Anna-Marie as she takes on the job of Office Manager.

Pray for the physical health of each of us here at

Pray for us as we seek God’s will every day.

Pray for funding to finish building #2 (currently being remodeled) and many other projects.

Ariel USA New Mexico

Prayer Requests

We are coordinating evangelistic projects in association with numerous pastors in Juarez. Ariel was recently given 50,000 tracts to be given out in
Mexico, El Paso, and Albuquerque. Please pray for the people going out to do the work.

We need your prayers!

Ariel USA Pennsylvania

Praise Reports

On February 18, we moved to Matthews, NC.

We are praising the Lord for those who assisted us in moving all our furniture from our storage unit into the new house.

It has been a long haul for us since selling and the closing of our home in Lititz, PA on the 31st of August. We are excited to get settled after being unsettled for six months.

Much thanksgiving to the folks at Rush Baptist Church, Danville, PA who allowed us to live in their vacant parsonage for five months. It was a real blessing to us.

Praise the LORD that in all the unsettledness I have finished the book of Numbers in the Ariel Study Bible.

Praise for six opportunities to present Ariel Ministries in January and February.

Prayer Requests

Prayer for God in Eclipse and Israel’s Only Hope:
The New Covenant that is being worked on so Ariel
can have them as e-books on its website.

Prayer as I focus on getting someone to publish God in Eclipse in Spanish. If anyone has good contacts, please let me know.

Prayer that we can get my first book The Tri-unity of God is Jewish republished soon.

Continued prayer for Israel’s Only Hope: The New Covenant that is still stuck in pre-pub with Logos – that people will order it – so it can be published
digitally with them.

Prayer for my new book The Law, Then and
Now: But What About Grace as it is being
edited, and that it can be published soon.

Prayer as I contact churches in southern VA,
NC, SC, GA, and eastern TN that I will be
able to set up meetings with them to present Ariel.

Prayer that despite having just moved, I can get my office set up quickly, so I can continue to work on the Ariel Study Bible. Currently, I am working on Deuteronomy.

Prayer for my need of supporters to come alongside and help with our support.

Ariel USA Brooklyn

Praise Reports

During our deputation travels we have seen many old friends. We have also enjoyed good fellowship and met many true believers.

Prayer Requests

For the development of a financial support team to
enable us to minister in New York.

For an increase in our prayer support team to strengthen our work.

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