Guard Yourself Against Identity Theft By Dr. Gary Hedrick

Typically, replacement theologists are professing Gentile believers who hijack Israel’s identity and take exclusive ownership of the promises God made to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Replacing biblical literalism with allegorical interpretation, they teach that God’s purposes for Israel as a territorial nation ended with the cross and that all unfulfilled Old Testament prophecies are to be reinterpreted spiritually in favor of the church. In this article, Dr. Gary Hedrick exposes this doctrine as what it is: spiritual identity theft.

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This article first appeared in Ariel Magazine, Spring 2018 / Volume 1 / #26, pp 16-24. It has been republished here with permission by the copyright owner: Ariel Ministries USA, 11926 Radium St, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA. © 2022 by Ariel Ministries USA. All rights reserved.

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