This trip will bring us to have our hearts burn for more and have our eyes opened as we seek to know the Word of God even more personally.

All of this is done through the backdrop of the Holy Land, where Abraham was chosen to head up a nation and where Yeshua came to create the new nation of believers. This is the Land where He will come again!

An Historical and Geographical Study Guide of Israel
by Dr. A.G. Fruchtenbaum.

This comprehensive 277 page guide is usable whether you are traveling to and in Israel on your own or if you are part of a group tour with an official guide.

The first section contains some basic information about the Modern State of Israel, followed by a breakdown of the historical and archaeological periods as found on archaeological signs throughout the country. This should be read as you begin your tour of Israel.

Section two begins with a map showing the broad geographical areas as outlined in Deuteronomy 1:6-8 and then covers each specific area. The map will give you an idea in what part of the country you happen to be on any given day. You can then read up on that particular section of the country in the following pages.

Section three lists almost every place in Israel in alphabetical order. As you are heading to your next site, or while you are already there, you can read up on that spot by looking it up in this manual.

Your Tour Guide

We will have both a professional tour guide as well as insightful Bible teaching and gleanings from the Scriptures with  J. Isaac Gabizon, director of Ariel Ministries Canada and congregational leader of Beth Ariel Congregation in Montreal, Canada. Join us as we visit many biblical sites which move us to consider God’s unrelenting promise of love for His People. Let’s examine what our prophets of old spoke about, where those prophecies have already been fulfilled and where more of the future fulfillment will take place.

Find out more

Come join us as we explore the history in the life of Israel and the Messianic hope of the Scriptures. This Land still flows with milk and honey!

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