How was the Ministry of Jesus financed?

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Luke had three special concerns in his gospel, The City of Jerusalem, Gentiles and Luke’s third special concern was women. He records the ministries women had with, to, or from Yeshua that the other Gospel writers left out. It is from this third concern that we learn how Jesus’ ministry was financed.

Luke 8:1-3

In these verses, Luke summarized Yeshua’s third major preaching tour around the country. The uniqueness of this occasion was that all twelve apostles were with Him, as He had closed the apostolic group after His second tour. He was preaching and bringing the good tidings [Gospel] of the kingdom of God (Lk. 8:1). The content of His message had not
changed; He was still offering the kingdom.

Luke listed several women who also went on this tour after Yeshua had cast out demons from them or healed them of infirmities. There was Miriam that was called Magdalit, from whom seven demons had gone out (Lk. 8:2), and of whom more is revealed later. There was Yochanah the wife of Kusa (Lk. 8:3a), who worked as a steward for Herod Antipas. And there was Shoshanah, of whom nothing more is known. Luke specified there were also other unnamed women. In rabbinic writings, it is common to read of rabbis travelling with their disciples. However, women did not journey with such groups. This is unique to Yeshua’s ministry. Luke also revealed exactly how the ministry of Yeshua and the twelve apostles were financed. Several wealthy women ministered unto them of their substance (Lk. 8:3b). Once again, it is Luke who was concerned with recording the women’s roles in the ministry and life of the Messiah.

From: Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective – The Abridged Version. By Dr Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum. p210

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