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Though perhaps the initial shock from the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, many are still suffering isolation, and loss of loved ones and security. As believers in Yeshua we know our real hope is not in medical science, our leaders, or a plan for “opening”, but in the One who says to His people “Do not fear, I will help you.”

Indeed, the Lord has helped us. The work of Ariel Ministries has continued from our homes, so that despite cancellations of speaking engagements, Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s teaching of the Word of God can continue to go out in print and media, strengthening hearts and lives.

To highlight just a few prayer needs in this Prayer Guide, John Metzger (Representative) continues to work diligently on the Ariel Study Bible project, but in order to do so needs to reduce his other engagements, increasing the need for additional financial support. We thank the Lord for recovery of his stolen van, but it’s age plus the damage done in the theft necessitates replacement soon. Pray for Evergreen (Ariel China) as he continues to translate Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s materials into Chinese, resources that could be of great help in these times of uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic.

Ariel USA Mary Ann & Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Praise Reports

◦ Due to the Coronavirus, all my out-of-town meetings were cancelled—not by me, but by the places where I was scheduled to speak. Therefore, I had some time to catch up on a lot of my office work and to make frequent visits to Mary Ann at her new long-term care facility.
◦ It has taken a bit of time, but Mary Ann is slowly adjusting to her new home and has begun smiling and laughing more frequently.

Prayer Requests

◦ The month of May will be crucial for a four-week study tour I am scheduled to lead at the end of the month. Pray that Israel will open her doors to tourism again and that travel in Israel will prove to be safe.
◦ The Joshua commentary: The only thing left to do for me as the author is the footnoting of the rabbinic sources, and this work is coming along nicely. Please continue to pray for this work.
◦ The School of Messianic Jewish Studies at the Shoshanah Campus: Obviously, our attendance this summer will be more limited due to the Coronavirus. Some people from foreign countries, such as Italy and Israel, may not be able to come. Pray that there will be no necessity to cancel the program for this summer. We will not cancel for any reason unless it becomes an obligation either by federal law or state law. Pray that the government will allow us to have our program, and pray for a good attendance in spite of the limitations.

Ariel Ministries Home Office San Antonio, Texas

Praise Reports

◦ Thank the Lord that while the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world, we here at the Home Office have been able to work from home and continue to serve our supporters, customers, branches, and representatives.
◦ We praise the Lord for supporters who continue to give through this crisis. Undoubtedly, there are many people who have lost jobs and vital business due to the crisis, yet continue to give as they are able.
◦ Praise the Lord for good response to the special sale on digital media and that every purchase helps support the ministry.

Prayer Requests

◦ Pray there will not be resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic once it has subsided and that soon we will be able to work more efficiently from the office again. Please pray for continued protection from infection for each of the five
people working in the Home Office.
◦ Pray for wisdom as we work with our web developer to make improvements and significant upgrades to the website over the remainder of this year.
◦ Please pray for all the faithful ministry partners who generously give and pray. Ask the Lord to provide for the ongoing work of Ariel Ministries even through the pandemic. Please pray that He would touch hearts to raise up additional partners to share in the work through their giving and praying. Pray for wisdom for the Board of Directors as they give vision and leadership to the work, especially through the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ariel Publishing North Carolina Christiane Jurik

◦ We are praising God for allowing us to publish Shoshanah’s Legacy, the third part in a trilogy about the life and work of Arnold Fruchtenbaum. This book speaks about the history of Camp Shoshanah, Ariel’s School of Messianic Jewish Studies, and is a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

◦ Yéchoua : La vie du Messie selon une perspective juive messianique (French Yeshua) is now available as PDF and will soon be turned into an eBook.
Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in providing so many dependable volunteer translators and proofreaders!
◦ Also available is Volume 1 of Israel Betrayed as an audiobook. God has greatly blessed the ministry by sending us Rob Holding, a narrator and producer of audiobooks whose voice is so easy to listen to and whose work is precise and timely.
◦ We praise the Lord for providing the funds to produce Footsteps as an audiobook. He is so faithful and kind!

Prayer Requests

◦ Please pray for the general work of the publishing department and specifically for

• The editing and proofreading of the Acts commentary
• The recording and proofing of the audiobook version of Footsteps
• Arnold’s work on the Joshua commentary
• John Metzger’s work on Ariel’s Study Bible
As ongoing prayer requests, please pray for:
• The team of proofreaders and translators around the world
• The sister who formats our eBooks
• The brother who is producing our e-Sword modules

Ariel Online Courses Director Dr. Mark Adler

Praise Reports

◦ For the completion of the video “Dr. Fruchtenbaum Shares the Gospel.”
◦ For the completion and release of a new learning option, “Course Audio Lectures.”
◦ For completion of filming two courses: “Introduction to Systematic Theology, Bibliology, and Dispensationalism” and “Methodical Bible Study and Hermeneutics.”
◦ For the completion of filming “The Personal Testimony of Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum: From Hitler’s Hell to God’s Peace.”
◦ For improved student course engagement rates over the last 30 days.
◦ For God’s faithful financial provision, even during these challenging times.

Prayer Requests

◦ To help me maximize my time to be able make good progress on the Ariel writing projects entrusted to me.
◦ For the timely completion of a number of new courses and videos in the works.
◦ For God’s continuing gracious financial provision.
◦ Please pray that we maintain the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of course content, production, curriculum, learning software, marketing, and student relations.
◦ That this new video, “Dr. Fruchtenbaum Shares the Gospel,” gets very wide viewership.
◦ For the physical and spiritual well-being of Dr. Fruchtenbaum, the members of the Ariel Board of Directors, and their loved ones.

Ariel USA Camp Shoshanah New York Gary & Melissa Demers

Prayer Requests

◦ That Ariel’s School of Messianic Studies at the Shoshanah Campus may be allowed to open its doors this summer
◦ That many students will sign up for the program
◦ Fred’s salvation
◦ Funds for building projects
◦ Staff for Camp this summer
◦ Scholarship funding
◦ Funding needed for the pavilion at the lake, walk-in cooler/freezer, playground equipment, new snowplough truck, and new washer/dryer for the office

Ariel Australia Victoria, Australia Chris & Lisa Savage

Praise Reports

◦ We are healthy and well and making good use of our time in isolation.
◦ We praise the Lord for the great blessing of a young student who lives with us and who is far more tech-savvy than we are.
◦ We also praise Him for the wonderful opportunities to reach out to others through social media and Zoom, which allow us to teach all of our sessions online, reaching far and wide.
◦ Praise our Sovereign God who has everything in His care and control.
◦ For those who support us in resources, time, and prayer – we are extremely grateful!

Prayer Requests

◦ For the five sessions per week that we prepare and present live through Zoom and then upload to Ariel Ministries Australia YouTube channel.
◦ For those who are now contemplating their future that we use the opportunities provided to bring hope through the Lord Yeshua.
◦ Pray for us as we engage with more and more people each week as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19.
◦ For our continued health and safety in these unprecedented times.
◦ For effective time management so that I can prepare and present the classes each week.
◦ Keep praying for continued boldness in the work of disciple-making that God will:
• Open a door for the Word, especially amongst the Jewish people
• Enable us to declare the mystery that is Messiah
• Enable us to speak with clarity
• Give us the words to speak on each occasion

Ariel Canada Montreal, Quebec Jacques & Sharon Gabizon

Praise Reports & Prayer Requests

◦ There have been great opportunities during this Coronavirus pandemic to reach more people through the Internet and radio with the Word of God. We have seen a seven-fold increase in traffic through both Facebook and YouTube. We know also of quite a few in the congregation who are witnessing to many because the time is ripe for questioning our frailty.
◦ We are very excited that the abridged French version of Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective is now completed and ready for electronic online distribution.
◦ Many planned events, such as the Calgary conference and a large Passover Seder, needed to be cancelled. Much of our time is taken up by this global virus, speaking with people, and organizing the teaching online.
◦ We are looking forward to a 2021 trip to Israel, God willing.
◦ We are also looking forward to the return of our knock and talk teams doing door to door Jewish evangelism. We continue to pray for those who have received Bibles, that even now, during this unstable situation, they would sincerely seek the Word and discover love and security in the Lord.

Ariel Canada Montreal, Quebec Jackie Fierman

Praise Reports

◦ I am thankful to have been able to teach using video conferencing in late March and early April.
◦ Praise God for unprecedented openness to the gospel as I witness to everyone with whom I have contact, especially customer service representatives on the phone. I have felt no pushback or resistance at all. It is an exciting time to be an evangelist!

Prayer Requests

◦ Please pray for all of Ariel missionaries who travel and speak. We all need wisdom in this era of travel shutdown. I have no planned speaking at this time, nor can I know when to begin planning.
◦ Pray for openings to speak in creative ways, like via video conferencing. Pray for technical ability on my end and those of groups or individuals who would watch. Please pray for the protection of those using software with security issues and that better platforms would be found and used.
◦ Please pray for the economic stability of all who financially support Ariel Ministries and missionaries around the world, that the work may continue according to His leading.

Ariel Canada Montreal, Quebec Michael & Hannah Gabizon

◦ Please pray for Michael’s dissertation.
◦ Pray for the success of Hannah’s piano business and her online classes on how to bring up children.
◦ Please pray for our health.

Ariel China Evergreen

Praise Reports

I am so thankful for your prayers and also for the following things:
◦ Praise the Lord for His protection in this special season. We all hope that the disaster may go away immediately and not hurt anyone else. But it reminds us that we are living in the end times and that God’s Word is trustworthy.
◦ Although we could not perform a baptism we prepared for April and although we had to do our main ministries through the internet, we still praise Him for the time and opportunities to share the gospel and make disciples.
◦ I was very glad to receive a message from a pastor in Shanghai who attended Arnold’s teaching a few years ago. He asked for our translated material. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests

◦ Pray for my sermons. May the Lord use them to reach those chosen by Him. It is a pity that we could not assemble and worship in the church, but we are reaching more people who listen to our sermons via the Internet. Please also pray that more Chinese speaking ministers and pastors might understand the importance of teaching the Scriptures from a Messianic perspective.
◦ Pray for the translation work. We are trying to use the quarantine wisely as it gives us the time to continue this important work. Please pray that more people may gain access to the material.
◦ We were approached by a mature translator willing to help us out. Please pray for this new cooperation. May the Lord bless our communication, and may we find His guidance and understand His plans for Ariel China.

◦ Pray that my R-1 visa application be approved by the government.
◦ Pray for God’s protection of my daughter Weiting at her college in New Brunswick, Canada.
Please continue to pray for the pastors who are in jail in China. Pray specifically that the Lord would give them strength in their trials. Especially pray for John Cao.

Ariel Germany Duesseldorf, Germany

(This branch is led by a team of ten dedicated people with a heart for Jewish mission work.)

Praise Reports

◦ For our team that is faithfully committed to continuing the ministry during these difficult times.
◦ For the new opportunities in this crisis to share the gospel and talk about the return of the Lord. People seem to be more open to talk about spiritual issues than before.
◦ For the volunteer translators who are using their free time due to the shut-down to help us out. Prayer Requests
◦ For a new building to serve as storage, office, and headquarters for seminars, etc. We will have to leave our current building in June, as it is going to be demolished. At this point, we don’t have the finances to buy a building.
◦ For much-needed funds to sustain the ministry. Due to the crisis, we are running into an economic recession. People are losing their jobs. Our support is decreasing, and people have less money to spend on literature and media.
◦ For wisdom and resources to increase our activity on social media. We need to regularly posts short informative videos and messages on YouTube, as church meetings, seminars, and conferences are not possible at the moment.

Ariel Hungary Urom, Hungary Ivan & Rita Nagy

Praise Reports

◦ Tamas, one of the Holocaust survivors who came to our Hanukah celebration, confessed his faith in the Messiah. Hallelujah!

Prayer Requests

◦ For protection and health in the present pandemic situation.
◦ For planning the sixth conference with Dr. Fruchtenbaum in October.
◦ For the Holocaust survivors we are ministering to and for Tamas who got saved.
◦ For Vera, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who came to our fellowship several times.
◦ For our Messianic fellowship (serious family and marriage issues).
◦ For God’s guidance as Ivan chooses the teaching topics for our fellowship.
◦ For a sister in our fellowship who regularly visits Holocaust survivors.
◦ For those believers who use our homepage.
◦ For finances to continue the work in Hungary.
◦ For Jewish outreach in Budapest.
◦ Against antisemitism in Hungary.
◦ For the salvation of our Jewish friends, with whom we are reading the Hebrew Bible.
◦ For Rita, as she studies Hebrew in a Jewish group.
◦ For Ivan, as he works full time, that he would have time and energy to prepare the Bible teachings and that this full-time job would not be needed for too long.
◦ For Ivan’s health.
◦ For Rita’s health and for the healing of Rita’s mom; because of the chronic disease, they are suffering from, they are more susceptible to the virus.
◦ For Noemi, as she studies music.

Ariel India Ahmedabad, India Bakul Christian

Prayer Requests

◦ The translation work of The Footsteps of the Messiah is going on very well. Please pray that we can release the book shortly.
◦ The translation of the abridged Yeshua book is going on, but it is very slow. Please pray that the translator can give more time to the project.
◦ Before the government decided to lock down the country, I was invited by a big and influential church to teach the “Eight Covenants of the Bible” and the book of Hebrews. All sessions were recorded and are currently being edited for a release on YouTube.
The response by the church encouraged me greatly, and I am praising the Lord for it.
◦ I am currently teaching two groups of believers via Zoom.
◦ Please pray for my health. My right lung is swollen, which causes breathing problems.
◦ Please continue to pray for Selena, our daughter, who applied for permanent residency in Canada.

Ariel Israel Near Natanya Sasha & Lilian G.

Praise Reports

◦ For the social media team of Ariel Israel.
◦ For the good results of promoting Ariel Israel’s website. This month, we reached 25,800 people between the ages of 25 to 44. We reached and were able to engage slightly more men than women.

Prayer Requests

◦ Continue to pray for wisdom and creativity for our media team to promote Ariel Israel website and reach more people.
◦ For the grace of our Lord to touch the hearts of those who visit the site, that they would be interested in studying the material in-depth so that it will impact their lives especially during the current quarantine.

Ariel New Zealand Auckland, Johan Jansen van Vuuren

◦ Please pay for the Board of Ariel New Zealand: for humbleness as we carry out the work here in New Zealand.
◦ With the country in lockdown, we have new opportunities to present Bible studies through the internet. Please pray that these will grow and more so that people will grow in their knowledge of Scripture. Please pray that they will also be able to teach other people in the same way.
◦ Dr Fruchtenbaum has postponed his visit to New Zealand till next April. Please pray that arrangements for his visit will go smoothly

Ariel USA Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Dr Jeffrey Gutterman Director

◦ Please pray for continued success of our Saturday seminars once the lock-down has been lifted.
◦ Please pray for open doors for us to share God’s Word in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
◦ Pray for additional opportunities to hold seminars in the Home Office in San Antonio.
◦ Pray for the ability to live-stream and podcast our seminars for listeners around the world.

Ariel USA North Carolina John & Sharon Metzger

Praise Reports

◦ I have gone from Genesis to Ruth in the Ariel Study Bible. I also have completed my work on Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel and am currently working on Daniel.
◦ On March 13th, my van was stolen from in front of my house. On March 27th it was found again. Praise the Lord! While the van was trashed, my books (worth $1,300) were still in the van. Only a few things like a GPS and prescription sunglasses were missing.
◦ Praise for supporters who have taken us on as I work daily on the Ariel Study Bible.
◦ Continuing to teach the Life of Messiah at Grace Bible Church in Charlotte, NC, via live streaming.
◦ Praise the Lord that He has kept us safe from the virus.
◦ Ariel will be publishing my book God in Eclipse in Spanish, both in print and e-book.
◦ The digital version of Poking God’s Eye is done and has been handed over to Ariel.

Prayer Requests

◦ Prayer for Ariel’s editor-in-chief, Christiane, as she begins work on the Study Bible.
◦ Please pray that I may be able to replace the van in the near future.
◦ Please pray as I begin working on Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles for the Study Bible.
◦ Please continue to pray that the Lord would raise up a person to translate God in Eclipse into Hebrew.
◦ Pray that the Covid-19 virus will subside. All speaking engagements were cancelled. I would imagine it would be true for all Ariel staff.
◦ That this pandemic will be over and all of us can resume our ministries. I have two upcoming speaking engagements in PA and VA at the end of May and the first week of June. Prayer as well that the IFCA Conference in Covington, KY, will not be cancelled.

Ariel USA Dayton, Ohio Jack Nakashima

Praise Reports

◦ My wife took a short mission trip to Honduras and the team witnessed 28 people become believers! There were also seven recommitments to the Lord.
◦ One of our sons turned 13, and we were able to celebrate with a Messianic bar mitzvah. He read from the Hebrew Bible and taught on the veil of the temple.

Prayer Requests

◦ Due to Coronavirus, we have had to cancel several trips, presentations, and meetings. Please pray for the ability to resume the ministry soon.
◦ We were planning to relocate from Ohio to South Carolina, but as society began to shut down, we accelerated the move by putting our things in storage and moving in with family. Please pray that we will find permanent housing and employment.
◦ Pray for wisdom, insight, and discernment regarding this new chapter in life and ministry.

Ariel USA New Mexico Roberto Anchondo

Prayer Requests

◦ Please continue to pray for the needs we mentioned in previous prayer letters, such as the evangelistic team in Mexico and our Bible studies that were disrupted by the pandemic.
◦ On a personal basis, I am working as a hospice chaplain and have a chance to share God’s Word every day – especially in these difficult times. Please pray that the Lord may send me Jewish people to minister to during this journey.

Gefen International Israeli Network

Praise Reports

◦ Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are suffering from the Coronavirus and to those who have lost loved ones. In the midst of this crisis, we give praise to our God who hears the prayers of those who repent. We glorify Him because He is worthy and continuously drawing individuals to seek and know Him who is the only true comfort.
◦ We do praise Him that we experienced an excellent Southern Hemisphere season which was more or less fully completed just before the necessary governmental shut-down instructions were given.
◦ We praise Him for the great openness of Israelis during this last season and that so many had opportunities to ask, talk, and read about our faith.
◦ Following on from the last report, we praise Him that we were able to complete another new start for the outreach in India! With faith, we look forward to when Israelis will be able to meet the hosts there.
◦ We praise the Lord for new hosts who have recently joined the outreach and indeed for every host around the world.

Prayer Requests

◦ That we all may draw closer to our Lord and grow in loving Him and those around us.
◦ That through this challenging time many more would come to repentance, and know and follow the Lord.
◦ That many more Israelis would come to know and follow the Lord.
◦ For wisdom as we look to develop the ways in which we can bring the outreach to the awareness of more followers of Yeshua.
◦ For His protection and provision for every host.
◦ For His provision for all that is needed to maintain and grow the outreach as we continue to work and prepare for the post-coronavirus time.
◦ As always, thank you so much for your prayerful support of this international outreach to Israelis.

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