Israel Betrayed – Volume 1 (mobi)


Israel Betrayed – Volume 1: The History of Replacement Theology (mobi)
by: Andrew D. Robinson

Both volumes now as one digital file for one low price! – available in both epub and mobi file format!

Israel Betrayed comprehensively surveys and refutes replacement theology and its modern-day manifestation, Christian Palestinianism. Published by Ariel Ministries, this work is a tour de force in defence and support of God’s eternal promises to the Jewish people.

In Part 1, Andrew D. Robinson charts the history of replacement theology from the post-Apostolic period through to the close of the nineteenth century, covering in detail the early ecumenical church councils, the Crusades, the Dark Ages of Roman Catholic supremacy, the Protestant Reformation, and the history of the Jewish people in Britain.

In Part 2, Paul R. Wilkinson charts and examines the rise of pro-Palestinianism in the church, showing how its proponents have internalized replacement theology and aligned themselves with Rome and Islam in their opposition to Israel.

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