Discovering The Mystery of The Unity of God by John B. Metzger


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Discovering the Mystery of the Unity of God provides an eye-opening exploration of the triune nature of God from the pages of the Old and New Covenants. The approach is reverent, yet encyclopedic, with each of the 19 chapters and 8 appendices being a self-contained look at various facets of the plural unity of God. The fully annotated text also includes a bibliography, author and Scripture indices, an epilogue addressing Jewish issues, and a glossary of terms. The reader may be surprised to discover that the great preponderance of references to God’s triunity occurs in the Old Covenant Scriptures. The author, John B. Metzger, considers each reference diligently, and brings along the commentary of a host of solid Bible teachers, including those from the Messianic Jewish perspective, to give the reader access to rich food for thought. This 936-page, unparalleled resource is the work of seven years, with references to Scriptures from almost every book in the Bible. Serious theology students, seminaries, and church libraries will benefit from this engaging tour of God’s Word in search of a new understanding of God’s nature from the richness of the Bible’s Jewish perspective.

“The concept of the triune nature of the God of Israel, as taught even by the Hebrew Scriptures, has traditionally been the hardest thing for Jewish people to believe and accept. Often, no matter how well it is explained, Jewish people still tend to conclude that “Christianity” actually teaches the concept of three different gods. Even among some circles of Messianic Jews, this is a difficult teaching to accept and is also denied by some who affirm to believe in the Messiahship of Yeshua(Jesus). While the New Testament does present the concept of the Trinity in a clearer manner, yet even many New Testament believers have a difficulty in explaining the concept in a way that does not cross the line from monotheism to tritheism. New Testament believers certainly affirm the concept but have a difficult time explaining it. So how does one explain the inexplicable? This is what John Metzger has zealously endeavoured to do in this volume, and he has done a superb job in both expounding what both testaments teach on the subject and explaining it in a way that communicates to the uninitiated. While a complete understanding of the Three in One would not be possible this side of eternity, this work is one of the best I have seen in bringing out the clarity of Scripture on the subject.” — Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Founder and Director, Ariel Ministries

  • Hardcover: 936 pages