The Feasts and Fasts of Israel

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Ancient Israel’s calendar year centered around special times of worship and celebration.

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Explore these time-honoured holy seasons in this book by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, beginning with their foundation in the Mosaic Law and continuing into their practice in later portions of Scripture and Rabbinic Judaism.

From Pesach to Sukkot, uncover the Messianic implications of these festivals and how they impact our lives not only today but also in the future fulfilment in God’s Messianic program.

Even the post-Mosaic Chanukah and Purim and the minor feasts of Rosh Chodesh and Tisha B’Av have inspirational potential in teaching us of God’s sovereign work on behalf of His people. This work offers many helpful charts and illustrations to enhance personal Bible study. It also provides rich background resources for preparing meaningful sermons and lessons.

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