The God of Israel


The God of Israel
by D.L. Cooper

The present book constitutes the first volume of the “Messianic Series” of the Biblical Research Society in which the author sets forth the scriptural teaching of God’s existence, His character, and His nature–especially the triune nature of the Godhead. Each chapter paves the way for understanding the next one. It is, therefore, necessary that the reader, starting at the beginning, study each chapter until he has completed the book. On account of the lack of space, it is impossible to discuss the subject of the God of Israel in an adequate manner, in a volume this size. The facts and the truths that have here been presented are sufficient, however, to enable the reader to formulate a definite idea of the Almighty and of His relation to the world and to an in general-but to the believer in a particular and special manner.

Volume 1 of 7 of the “Messianic Series”.

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