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Ariel Ministries New Zealand’s aim is to provide Intensive Bible Teaching through Bible study materials including eBooks, Messianic Bible Studies, MP4s, MP3s, and PDFs. Contact us for Speaking engagements, Home Bible Study group resources, and Bible Schooling.

Online Study Courses

Our online studies are the perfect Bible Study program for believers who are hungry for more depth from the Word of God.

Mini Bible Studies

Fifty of Dr. Fruchtenbaum's classic Messianic Bible Studies have been carefully selected and freely provided in this resource.

Arnold Answers

Browse through our "Q&A" to find answers to the many questions people have asked Dr. Fruchtenbaum over the years.

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Some of our most popular books and other resources from Ariel Ministries.

An Introduction To Ariel Ministries


t was in Jerusalem, in 1966, that a burning seed of desire was planted in the heart of Arnold Fruchtenbaum. On December 1, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas, Ariel Ministries was born and the seed began to bloom. Ariel was founded to evangelize and disciple our Jewish brethren. Ariel means “Lion of God,” representing the Messiah Yeshua as the Lion of Judah. It is also an alternate name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1) — the city of peace now waiting for the Prince of Peace to return.


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Our Most Popular Studies

Life of Messiah

A study on the life of the Messiah from his early life to his public ministry.

The Eight Covenants of the Bible


A detailed study of the 8 covenants of the Lord found in scripture.

Footsteps of the Messiah


An in-depth look at Biblical prophecy and the return of the Lord.

Ministries of the Holy Spirit


A fascinating look at the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Eternal Security

A Biblical examination of the believers right to eternal security.

Jews, Gentiles, Christians

A detailed look at the role, calling and standing of Jews, Gentiles and Christians.

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